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PPF vs. Ceramic Coating

At Autoworks we specialize in vehicle finish protection.  We are often asked what is better and different about PPF or a Ceramic Coating?  PPF as seen on the top image, is a clear film that is applied over your vehicle finish to provide a barrier from rock chips, road debris, and other elements.  It is a self healing film that will self correct if lightly scratched, swirled etc.  When applied by Autoworks, it is nearly invisible.  A Ceramic Coating as seen applied on the bottom image, is a liquid form coating application that hardens on your clear coat.  This will resist micro scratches and abrasions and make your paint slick and hydrophobic to resist dirt and water, and enhance gloss.  Ceramic Coating will not prevent damage from rock chips, and road debris, but will help resist damage.​A common request, is our LEVEL 3 Paint Protection Film which protects your most vulnerable areas from impact damage, and a Ceramic Coating over the complete vehicle for extreme gloss!

Understanding the Difference


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