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First and foremost, Thank you for checking us out!  My Name is Donny Warren, and I am the sole owner/operator at Autoworks Paint Protection.  My goal is to always provide my clients with the best possible result, with zero shortcuts ever taken.   We take pride in every vehicle that comes in and goes out, and we look forward to sharing that professionalism with you!

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My Story

As a young kid, I grew up "tinkering" as we call it with my father.  We spent many weekends at the local race track in Summit Point, WV watching sports cars, go karts, and sport bikes compete.  It was then I became a true gearhead and racing was engrained in me.  I started racing karts at the early age of 12, and competed nationwide for over 10 years, later competing in the VW TDI Jetta Touring Car Series.  I was always involved in everything automotive, but in 2005 I was offered a job at a shop that installed Paint Protection Film.  I knew nothing about it, and wasn't even hired with the intention of being a film installer, but I was intrigued.  Fast Forward about 10 months, I was given the opportunity to learn the craft.  I was hooked, and within a year became one of 3 full time installers.  I later left the company to start my own, and this was where I built my business.  A few name changes and locations later, I have established roots in Denver, NC as Autoworks Paint Protection.  My level of professionalism, I like to believe is beyond many in the industry.  I go the extra mile wrapping every exposed edge, tucking every single seam, and hand cutting sensors and tow hook openings, so that there are no large gaps to be seen.  I do a lot of bulk (no kit) or extended kit installs to ensure excellent coverage and maximum wrapping.  Paint Protection Film is designed to protect your paint, but it should also be near invisible.  I make sure of that, and give the film its best shot to stand up for the long haul for my clients.  As for my home life, I have a wife, and a 2 year old, and I work hard for you, to support them.  I hope I have the opportunity to take care of your vehicle and give it that professional protection it deserves!  Thank you!


I'm always looking for exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Donny Warren

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